E is for Everyday

E Is For Everyday


I’m often asked how often people should aim to practice their Mindfulness.

Particularly when people start on their Mindfulness journey, they can find it a challenge to get into a routine of finding time to be Mindful, especially to meditate. ¬†Getting out of bed 15 minutes early might not seem so appealing when they’ve had a late night, or finding a slot during the school holidays when there’s work to be done can throw people off pattern… Life can make it seem tough to have time to be mindful.

The great thing about adopting a Mindful Mindset is there are lots of daily tasks that you can start to do Mindfully, and even a meditation we call the 3 Minute Check In that anyone can find time for during the day.

You can find lots more information about this in 5 Ways To Be Mindful When There Isn’t Time To Meditate, and the great news is, it’s free. So if you want lots of tips to help you stick to your mindfulness when you’re full on busy leave your details and I’ll whizz you through a copy.

So, how often should you aim to practice your Mindfulness?… Every day!

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