I is for Inner Peace on a Frantic Day

I Is For Inner Peace On A Frantic Day 


Inner peace sounds great doesn’t it? But does it sound obtainable? For many it may feel like it’s something only available for the spiritually enlightened, and even for those on the journey, they may really struggle to connect with inner peace on a frantic day.

So here’s a top tip for connecting with your inner peace – even when you haven’t got time to. I call it the 3 minute check-in, and you can do it anywhere, any time; even when the kids are screaming.

In other meditation traditions you can be encouraged to work your way through your body, tensing and then relaxing your muscles, to enable you to relax further. This is not the way in mindfulness. For the 3 minute check-in you will work your way through your body, but simply pay attention to how each area feels. You won’t change anything.

Starting with your toes notice what you can feel touching each part of your body, what the temperature feels like, and if you can notice any tingling or pressure anywhere. When you’ve worked through your body, turn your focus to your breathe. How does it feel when it enters your chest? And passes through your nose and mouth?

This process should take around 3 minutes, and though chaos may continue to reign all around you, it should be a start to you finding your inner peace, even on a frantic day.

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  1. Jane Helms
    April 12, 2016 at 1:58 am

    Very helpful tips, thanks!

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