N is for No More Multi-Tasking

N Is For No More Multi-Tasking


Multi-tasking has become an increasingly large factor of 21st Century living, to a point many will boast about their ability to do it well. Although it has become associated with one gender more than the other, our fast pace of living means that all of us regularly have several jobs and tasks on the go throughout the day… but is this ‘plate-spinning’ way of life any good for us? Is it helping to develop a Mindfulness Mindset?

My simple answer would be no.

If we are acknowledging that mindfulness is all about focusing on one thing, and a great way of keeping your mind healthy, then focusing on several things at the same is likely to have the opposite effect.

Yet we all live in a society that demands so much of us, and we are all likely to want to achieve as much as we can. Juggling all those things without becoming frazzled out can be a real challenge! But here’s my top 3 signs that your multi-tasking is not doing you any good – do you need to say NO to multi-tasking?

  1. Flicking on and off your phone when doing other things – Do you dip in and out of Facebook when watching a film with the family?  Stop to look things up on the net when out for coffee for friends? This to me is the number one thief of our focus and intention…. Why not start choosing times when you can turn off your data AND WiFi on your phone? Although challenging, it can soon start buying you extra hours in your day!
  2. Not having things you can tick off your to-do list through the day/week – Are you jumping from one job to another?  Finding your bigger tasks being interrupted by ‘fire-fighting’ with smaller jobs?… Could you start breaking your to-do list into hour sections?  What will you look to create in one morning? What is the most important job for you to get done that morning, that day? Could you create an action plan to deal with things that might cause disturbances as you go?
  3. Finding it difficult to answer friends when they ask what you’ve been up to – Do you struggle to focus on what you’ve been doing, what you’ve achieved when asked?  The chances are this means that you’ve struggled to focus on them as you’ve been going too… Can you turn your awareness to the most important thing for you to achieve each day?  Decide what level of focus you’re going to give the smaller distractions of the day?. And stick to that?

In a society that makes jokes about the ability to multi-task it can be difficult to say that you don’t find it overly impressive, or healthy.  But  building  Mindfulness into your daily living will involve turning your awareness to one thing at a time, and by turning the other distractions to a lower priority until it is their turn will actually help you create more time in your day to get things done.

So if any of the points above resonate with you maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about how you are going to create space for a Mindfulness Mindset in your life, and start to say no to multi-tasking – why not download a free copy of 5 Ways To Be Mindful When There Isn’t Time To Meditate and take the first steps to getting started?

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