Z is for Zzzzz ~ Oops! Did I Doze Off?

Z Is For Zzzz ~ Oops! Did I Doze Off?


It happens to the best of us on occasion ~ you’ll be right in the zone for a deep and meaningful meditation session, and the next moment your head jerks up. Oops! You fell asleep.

This is what it is. Most of us live busy, frantic lives, in a busy, frantic world, once in a while we will lose our focus on our focus and fall asleep when practicing our Mindfulness. And that’s okay.

Remember that Mindfulness is about paying attention without judgement – so take note of the fact you’re really tired, and move on.

But if you’re falling asleep all the time you’re not doing your mindful practice quite right ~ what could be going wrong?

  • You’re exhausted – if you’re constantly not getting enough sleep then the chances are you’ll fall asleep at every opportunity. Try to listen to your body, and be kind where you can. Are there other opportunities to sleep that won’t also deprive you of the benefits of your meditation?
  • You’re being led in the wrong direction – if you’re using led, or guided, meditation, is the voice sending you to sleep? There’s a fine line between leading a meditation and lulling someone into a snooze… maybe try a different brand, or meditating without a recording.
  • You’re afraid to focus – are there things going on in your life that are challenging or upsetting? Maybe you’re finding it easier to switch off than you are to sit with these emotions. It can be tough at first to notice these and let them be – you might find my Sitting With Sadness post helpful.
  • You’re too comfy – you don’t have to sit any certain way to meditate mindful, but if you’re lying on the bed after a soak in the bath with a lavender eye pillow blocking out the day you may find yourself more likely to doze off.
  • You’re ready for bed – I like to meditate earlyish in the morning, but I always get myself up and moving first. If you’re meditating first thing, or last thing at night, or for many at 3 O’clock in the afternoon, you may be prone to falling asleep. Try out different times to see what works for you.

As a final note, if you do start ZZzzing, and you’re at a group meditation, don’t feel self conscious, it really does happen to us all.

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    April 30, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!
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