About Mindfulness Mindsets

Mindfulness has its roots in ancient traditions, but as its therapeutic qualities have been recognised in 21st century living it has once again become increasingly widespread and practiced.

Although meditation makes up a big part of mindfulness, in fact it is only the beginning of the mindful journey ~ mindfulness is all about paying attention, and when we move that out of our meditation, and into our day to day lives, great things can happen.

We begin to develop Mindfulness Mindsets

This is a healthy way for anyone to live, but can be parparticularly useful for those that are stuck in a cycle of anxiety or stress, experiencing tiredness or exhaustion, feeling down or depressed, or anyone struggling with 21st century living and looking for opportunities to be more in the moment.

If this resonates with you why not grab a copy of our free eBook and find out how you could get started today.


About Me

I began my Mindful journey several years ago, and increasingly follow a path less travelled. I am passionate about what Mindfulness can bring to others, and keen to share that with you.

I am an adventure seeker. A firewalk facilitator, trekker, and sweat lodge keeper. Living life in the moment, one day at a time.


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