P is for Persevere

P Is For Persevere Lots of people I meet tell me that they can’t meditate – they want me to give them the magic answer of how to enter that meditative state where they can stop their minds from wandering, and fully focus on the moment. I’m sorry to tell you that there isn’t one. Like any skill it grows… Read more →

O is for Over Thinking

O Is For Over Thinking Some of us have thoughts whizzing round in our head all. the. time. Although they might be things we need to give thought to, it is not always helpful to let our focus run to these 100 times a day. What will you have for dinner tonight? How much will the train cost at the… Read more →

N is for No More Multi-Tasking

N Is For No More Multi-Tasking Multi-tasking has become an increasingly large factor of 21st Century living, to a point many will boast about their ability to do it well. Although it has become associated with one gender more than the other, our fast pace of living means that all of us regularly have several jobs and tasks on the… Read more →

M is for Meditation

M Is For Meditation   Meditation is a key part of Mindfulness – it enables you to have space to become truly Mindful, and puts you in the right place to carry that Mindfulness with you into other areas of your life.  All sorts of people have all sorts of questions about Mindful Meditation, so here are the top 5… Read more →

L is for Listen

L Is For Listen Next time you are doing a Mindful practice, or meditation, don’t forget to use ALL your senses. Why not try doing a meditation where you simply listen to what is going on around you? You can be somewhere noisy, or somewhere quiet to try this – each will have it’s own sounds that can be picked… Read more →

K is for Kindness

K Is For Kindness The most important thing for you to be kind to during your Mindfulness practice is you. During meditation, and observation, we can often observe traits, behaviors, and feelings withing ourselves that we don’t like much. If we’re not careful we can slip into passing judgement on ourselves, but this is not inline with what Mindfulness is… Read more →

J is for Journaling

J Is For Journaling Sometimes it can be really helpful to write down your experiences in a journal – now by this I do not mean keeping a diary, or simply writing a list of the day’s events.  But instead to write down what you observe about yourself; Your feelings, and the emotions you are experiencing. Right at the beginning… Read more →

I is for Inner Peace on a Frantic Day

I Is For Inner Peace On A Frantic Day  Inner peace sounds great doesn’t it? But does it sound obtainable? For many it may feel like it’s something only available for the spiritually enlightened, and even for those on the journey, they may really struggle to connect with inner peace on a frantic day. So here’s a top tip for… Read more →

H is for Healthy Minds

H Is For Healthy Minds We have between our ears the most powerful super computer known – it’s true level of complexity still lies undiscovered.  And yet few us do much to ensure it keeps working smoothly. In fact the demands of 21 Century living have us all overloading ourselves and our minds on an everyday basis – many of… Read more →

G is for Glass Walk

G Is For Glass Walk If you only know me from this website you may be a little surprised to learn that when I’m not teaching about the Mindfulness Mindset I am a Firewalk facilitator, and sweat lodge keeper.  As well as Firewalking, I lead people through breakthrough activities such as breaking boards and slabs with their hands, and breaking… Read more →