F is for Felt-Tip Pens

F Is For Felt-Tip Pens   I was going to write today about Focus, but having covered awareness a few days ago I thought I’d cover something that seems to be all the rage at the moment – and something that you can easily adopt to assist you in moving towards having a Mindfulness Mindset. A couple of years ago I… Read more →

E is for Everyday

E Is For Everyday I’m often asked how often people should aim to practice their Mindfulness. Particularly when people start on their Mindfulness journey, they can find it a challenge to get into a routine of finding time to be Mindful, especially to meditate.  Getting out of bed 15 minutes early might not seem so appealing when they’ve had a… Read more →

D is for Distractions

D is for Distractions Uh! Sometimes meditating can be so frustrating! You just settle down in your quiet calm spot and the neighbours rev up their lawn mower, you can hear the kids arguing downstairs, and your phone just rang, again… what if it was important?? The practice of mindful meditation means that you will undoubtedly come across distractions. If you’re… Read more →

C is for Calm and Steady

C Is For Calm and Steady Where I worked as a Social Worker in the 90s we had two goldfish who we named Calm and Steady. Little did I know at the time that 20 years later I’d be encouraging people to be more goldfish. Adopting a mindfulness mindset can enable you to remain calm and steady when all seems… Read more →

B is for Breathe

B Is For Breathe During meditation and Mindfulness practice lots of people have questions about how they should breathe. It is traditionally taught for yoga and meditation that you should breathe slowly and deeply, in through the nose, and out through the mouth… Is it the same in Mindfulness?   Well breathing slowly and deeply is good for relaxation, so… Read more →

A is for Awareness

A Is For Awareness I often get asked what Mindfulness is all about.  Is it religious? Is it Buddhist? Is it meditation? Is there a special way to sit?…  Although Mindfulness seems to be a big ‘buzz word’ at the moment, there are lots of people that have very little idea of what it actually involves. The reality is that,… Read more →