Mindfulness Online


If you’re struggling to keep up with the demands of 21st Century life, suffering with down days or depression, or just keen to experience more ‘in the here and now’ moments, then mindfulness practices are something you will want to experience more of, and we are happy to offer you the opportunity to experience and learn mindfulness online.

You can reserve yourself a space at our freely given webinar here

Creating A Mindfulness Mindset - Freely Given Webinar
3, May 2016 @20:00 UTC0 GMT

If you’d like to know more about how you can incorporate simple yet meaningful practices into your daily routine to allow you to overcome stress, tiredness, anxiety, unhappiness, and constantly chasing your tail feel free to download a copy of my free eBook

5 Ways To Be Mindful When There Isn’t Time To Meditate

Leave your details here and we’ll get a copy through to you, so that you can start adopting a Mindfulness Mindset today.

We also run a monthly online Mindfulness Mindset Mastermind and would love to welcome you there, it is the perfect space to grow your understanding of Mindful practice, and experience mindfulness online.

Offering you resources, support, and encouragement on your Mindfulness journey, without the pressure of having to get along to a weekly local group, the mastermind is a great way to experience all that Mindfulness has to offer, on your terms.

Find out more here.