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T is for Travel

T Is For Travel Travel is one of the greatest Mindfulness experiences you can have – when you venture into new places and experiences it can become easier to turn your attention to what is going on in the here and now, and appreciate what is going on in the moment. Twice a year I run a mountain trek retreat in… Read more →

R is for Ritual vs Routine

R Is For Ritual vs Routine I was involved in a conversation about this just a couple of days ago. It would seems that for a lot of people the boundaries between the meaning of the two are quite blurred, so I hope this post will simplify that for you. When it comes to Mindfulness ritual = good, routine =… Read more →

Q is for Quiet

Q Is For Quiet With free led meditation for you Finding a place of true quiet can be seriously challenging these days! Wherever we are it is hard to escape things going on in the distance, noises in the background, or people in the near vicinity. As Mindfulness is all about focus, we can sometimes choose to use those noises… Read more →

N is for No More Multi-Tasking

N Is For No More Multi-Tasking Multi-tasking has become an increasingly large factor of 21st Century living, to a point many will boast about their ability to do it well. Although it has become associated with one gender more than the other, our fast pace of living means that all of us regularly have several jobs and tasks on the… Read more →

L is for Listen

L Is For Listen Next time you are doing a Mindful practice, or meditation, don’t forget to use ALL your senses. Why not try doing a meditation where you simply listen to what is going on around you? You can be somewhere noisy, or somewhere quiet to try this – each will have it’s own sounds that can be picked… Read more →

G is for Glass Walk

G Is For Glass Walk If you only know me from this website you may be a little surprised to learn that when I’m not teaching about the Mindfulness Mindset I am a Firewalk facilitator, and sweat lodge keeper.  As well as Firewalking, I lead people through breakthrough activities such as breaking boards and slabs with their hands, and breaking… Read more →

D is for Distractions

D is for Distractions Uh! Sometimes meditating can be so frustrating! You just settle down in your quiet calm spot and the neighbours rev up their lawn mower, you can hear the kids arguing downstairs, and your phone just rang, again… what if it was important?? The practice of mindful meditation means that you will undoubtedly come across distractions. If you’re… Read more →

A is for Awareness

A Is For Awareness I often get asked what Mindfulness is all about.  Is it religious? Is it Buddhist? Is it meditation? Is there a special way to sit?…  Although Mindfulness seems to be a big ‘buzz word’ at the moment, there are lots of people that have very little idea of what it actually involves. The reality is that,… Read more →