Y is for Yabbering You

Y Is For Yabbering You What bullshit do you tell yourself? Many people have minds that yabber – often constantly about real life things. What will you have for dinner? Is there enough petrol in the car? What time is that meeting?… stilling that kind of yabbering on when meditating can start to come easily with practice. But what about… Read more →

S is for Sitting With Sadness

S Is For Sitting With Sadness   If you have followed any of our Mindfulness A-Z so far you you will know that at the heart of mindful meditation is taking notice of what is going on at any given time, without judging it in any way. As well as taking notice of what is going on in the outside… Read more →

C is for Calm and Steady

C Is For Calm and Steady Where I worked as a Social Worker in the 90s we had two goldfish who we named Calm and Steady. Little did I know at the time that 20 years later I’d be encouraging people to be more goldfish. Adopting a mindfulness mindset can enable you to remain calm and steady when all seems… Read more →