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V is for Visualise

V Is For Visualise In my recent post about meditation I covered some of the questions that people often ask when they start out on their meditation journey. ┬áSome people find it a really easy natural process, others find it a little harder to switch their minds off from the comings and goings of daily life. Something that can make… Read more →

S is for Sitting With Sadness

S Is For Sitting With Sadness   If you have followed any of our Mindfulness A-Z so far you you will know that at the heart of mindful meditation is taking notice of what is going on at any given time, without judging it in any way. As well as taking notice of what is going on in the outside… Read more →

Q is for Quiet

Q Is For Quiet With free led meditation for you Finding a place of true quiet can be seriously challenging these days! Wherever we are it is hard to escape things going on in the distance, noises in the background, or people in the near vicinity. As Mindfulness is all about focus, we can sometimes choose to use those noises… Read more →

P is for Persevere

P Is For Persevere Lots of people I meet tell me that they can’t meditate – they want me to give them the magic answer of how to enter that meditative state where they can stop their minds from wandering, and fully focus on the moment. I’m sorry to tell you that there isn’t one. Like any skill it grows… Read more →