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Y is for Yabbering You

Y Is For Yabbering You What bullshit do you tell yourself? Many people have minds that yabber – often constantly about real life things. What will you have for dinner? Is there enough petrol in the car? What time is that meeting?… stilling that kind of yabbering on when meditating can start to come easily with practice. But what about… Read more →

X is for eXamine What You Tolerate

X Is For eXamine What You Tolerate Yes, I slipped a little silent e in to help me with my A-Z theme – I hope you’ll forgive me, as this is a subject I really wanted to cover, and X feels like the time to do it, before I get to the end and realise it’s been overlooked. It’s very… Read more →

U is for Underwhelm

U Is For Underwhem Today I am very tired – I was birthing partner for my sister yesterday. It was the most incredible amazing experience, but with baby arriving at 4.30 in the morning, I’m absolutely exhausted. Today will be a day of underwhelm for me. Although I would never seek to be underwhelming, sometime it’s good to turn your… Read more →

S is for Sitting With Sadness

S Is For Sitting With Sadness   If you have followed any of our Mindfulness A-Z so far you you will know that at the heart of mindful meditation is taking notice of what is going on at any given time, without judging it in any way. As well as taking notice of what is going on in the outside… Read more →

O is for Over Thinking

O Is For Over Thinking Some of us have thoughts whizzing round in our head all. the. time. Although they might be things we need to give thought to, it is not always helpful to let our focus run to these 100 times a day. What will you have for dinner tonight? How much will the train cost at the… Read more →

N is for No More Multi-Tasking

N Is For No More Multi-Tasking Multi-tasking has become an increasingly large factor of 21st Century living, to a point many will boast about their ability to do it well. Although it has become associated with one gender more than the other, our fast pace of living means that all of us regularly have several jobs and tasks on the… Read more →

K is for Kindness

K Is For Kindness The most important thing for you to be kind to during your Mindfulness practice is you. During meditation, and observation, we can often observe traits, behaviors, and feelings withing ourselves that we don’t like much. If we’re not careful we can slip into passing judgement on ourselves, but this is not inline with what Mindfulness is… Read more →

H is for Healthy Minds

H Is For Healthy Minds We have between our ears the most powerful super computer known – it’s true level of complexity still lies undiscovered. ¬†And yet few us do much to ensure it keeps working smoothly. In fact the demands of 21 Century living have us all overloading ourselves and our minds on an everyday basis – many of… Read more →