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Y is for Yabbering You

Y Is For Yabbering You What bullshit do you tell yourself? Many people have minds that yabber – often constantly about real life things. What will you have for dinner? Is there enough petrol in the car? What time is that meeting?… stilling that kind of yabbering on when meditating can start to come easily with practice. But what about… Read more →

X is for eXamine What You Tolerate

X Is For eXamine What You Tolerate Yes, I slipped a little silent e in to help me with my A-Z theme – I hope you’ll forgive me, as this is a subject I really wanted to cover, and X feels like the time to do it, before I get to the end and realise it’s been overlooked. It’s very… Read more →

W is for Who You Are

W Is For Who You Are What makes up who you are? When asked who or what you are, how do you respond? In 21st Century life we increasingly identify ourselves by the roles we take on ~ our jobs, our voluntary roles, or those belonging to our partner. These often overtake how we attribute value to ourselves and others,… Read more →

V is for Visualise

V Is For Visualise In my recent post about meditation I covered some of the questions that people often ask when they start out on their meditation journey.  Some people find it a really easy natural process, others find it a little harder to switch their minds off from the comings and goings of daily life. Something that can make… Read more →

R is for Ritual vs Routine

R Is For Ritual vs Routine I was involved in a conversation about this just a couple of days ago. It would seems that for a lot of people the boundaries between the meaning of the two are quite blurred, so I hope this post will simplify that for you. When it comes to Mindfulness ritual = good, routine =… Read more →

P is for Persevere

P Is For Persevere Lots of people I meet tell me that they can’t meditate – they want me to give them the magic answer of how to enter that meditative state where they can stop their minds from wandering, and fully focus on the moment. I’m sorry to tell you that there isn’t one. Like any skill it grows… Read more →

M is for Meditation

M Is For Meditation   Meditation is a key part of Mindfulness – it enables you to have space to become truly Mindful, and puts you in the right place to carry that Mindfulness with you into other areas of your life.  All sorts of people have all sorts of questions about Mindful Meditation, so here are the top 5… Read more →

K is for Kindness

K Is For Kindness The most important thing for you to be kind to during your Mindfulness practice is you. During meditation, and observation, we can often observe traits, behaviors, and feelings withing ourselves that we don’t like much. If we’re not careful we can slip into passing judgement on ourselves, but this is not inline with what Mindfulness is… Read more →

J is for Journaling

J Is For Journaling Sometimes it can be really helpful to write down your experiences in a journal – now by this I do not mean keeping a diary, or simply writing a list of the day’s events.  But instead to write down what you observe about yourself; Your feelings, and the emotions you are experiencing. Right at the beginning… Read more →